Frequently Ask Questions for Alexandria (FAQ)

1.  What am I to expect from your Reading?

The Intuitive Reading is designed specifically for you.  I never know what will come up for each individual person until it comes up in the reading.  Whatever your souls essence, guides, past loved ones and angels are communicating to me is what I relay back to you as clearly as I can.  During the sessions I tend to go with the flow, I may close my eyes, move around, and/or take pauses to receive messages accurately.  As I have said I do my absolute best to make sure the information flowing to and through me is of the upmost accuracy, and of the highest good for you the client.  I never relay anything you are not ready for.

2.  How do I prepare for one of your readings?

The best way to come prepared to one of my readings is to be Open and Ready To Grow.  The most important piece of advice I can give is to come ready to receive knowledge that is of your highest good that will help you grow as a soul and become more aware of yourself and your life.  Also come ready to awaken to your truth, and your wisdom.

3.  Do you need to see me and speak to me during the reading?

Yes I do need to see you and speak to you during the reading.  Even tho I may have my eyes closed at times it does help me to see your face and be in your presence if we are not having a reading in person.  And I do talk to you and with you during the sessions. I do use certain video chat programs that I talk about in Question #4.

4.  What program do you use for video chat?

The programs I use for Online sessions are usually Viber or Skype.  Here is a link for each if you do not have the programs downloaded yet:

5.  How can I pay?

Currently I accept payment by PayPal.  After our appointment I will send you an Invoice to your email.

Frequently Ask Questions for Cat (FAQ)

1.  What am I to expect from your Reading?

You can expect the opportunity to discover new ways of thinking and problem solving…as well as simple methods to deal with negative issues as they come up in your life.  When you live from ego, anger, blame, shame or from conflict in one or more areas of your life…you give your power away.  Various ways of how to keep your power will be available to you AND how to take back the power you had already given away (no matter how long ago that was).

2.  How do I prepare for one of your readings?

First thing is to contact me, either by text, phone or email and we agree on a time for our conversation.Our appointment actually ‘begins’ energetically when we set a time and date… because we have set an intention together.


Second, I’ll send you a simple questionnaire/assessment email for you to fill out and get back to me several days before our conversation.This will help solidify the intention for our time together and give me a glimpse into where we are headed.


Lastly, Relax and be prepared to look at your life in a whole new light!

3.  How do you do your appointments? Through Phone? Video? In-Person?

I can do appointments long distance by Phone or Video (Skype or Viber links below).

I can also do appointments in person – I live In Washington State (PST)

4.  How can I pay?

Pay Pal is preferred…it’s a safe and easy way for payment, but I can also take a credit card over the phone with Square.

(Payment will be expected at the conclusion of our Conversation.)